Aswan, Louxor : a trip in another world !


You can visit lovely places in Aswan and Louxor, in Egypt. I will be happy to be your touristic guide.


Abu Simbel,  Coptic Cathedral, Coptic church, Hatchepsut temple, Luxor temple...

Mena Tour guide

Romantic view

Since 2010, i m tour guide in Egypt, i know all the details of my country and i will show you the best romantic place in my city !

Tour guide Aswan

Fun for everybody

Egypt are the land of culture but you can make fun attraction too like felouca or camel ride...

Private Tour guide Aswan

Take a rest

In front of the lovely Nile, you can take rest by hearing the song of water.

Mena Tour Guide Aswan Luxor Egypt

I can organised for you, lot of tours in Aswan Luxor, i propose you here, a idea of tour :


For more informations click here : Tour 1 :

We can make a guided tour of Philea temple , High dam and the unfinished oblisque       From 40 USD